Say it Don’t Spray it

Everything in this school is a reflection of who we are as a student body. When people from outside of our school see vulgar words written on the restroom stalls it puts a negative image on all of us. There is no reason for someone to vandalize the school with such hateful remarks to be seen by others.

Graffiti in the school restrooms is becoming an issue not only for the ones using them, but also for the janitors who clean them. There has already been a major issue in the restrooms in the 500 hall where the graffiti was becoming such a problem the school had to close down the restrooms for a week to repaint the stalls. Once they were finished, the restroom was reopened and in a matter of days it was destroyed, so the faculty decided to permanently close down the restroom.

One other serious issue is security risk; for instance, when one student decided to threaten the entire school with a bomb- which thankfully was only a threat- causing a panic among everyone in the city of Joshua. Something like this is no joking matter whether one thinks it’s funny or not. This one action caused  most parents of students to keep their children out of school, causing a disruption in all classes.

This habit of a few students having our restrooms taken away needs to stop not only for the members of the faculty but for the students who don’t want to walk all the way across the school just to use the restroom.