Sprinting Straight to State

Nicole Wester, Editor-in-Chief

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Picture 96 days of unending, relentless sweating, racing under burning rays of sunlight, and fighting exhaustion for a short rush of energy. That is the type of dedication that brought senior Soren Underwood to Cross Country regionals, where she qualified to proceed to state.

“I have always enjoyed running so joining cross country came naturally,” Underwood said.

Before traveling to Roundrock, where the regional meet was held, students and teachers gathered together for a send off, wishing Underwood good luck.

“Having the class there for the send off made me really proud to be from Joshua,” Underwood said. “The fact that so many people care about a fellow student shows a lot of school spirit.

Cross Country requires a great deal of strategy, especially when there are many obstacles to overcome in a race. Underwood described the meet as a “false flat.” Although there was mud up to her ankles, she kept her eyes on the finish line. Other parts of the course involved running through streams of water high enough to touch her knees.

“I spend most of the race planning movements and trying to ignore the pain,” Underwood said.

Being a part of this challenging sport requires discipline on and off the track. Athletes must pass their seven other classes, maintain a healthy diet, ensure the best amount of sleep, and stay hydrated.

“Cross Country taught me responsibility, dedication, and how to be a positive influence on younger athletes,” Underwood said.

The team’s coaches contribute as much as possible to their success. They sacrifice every morning in order to help the team practice and push themselves to reach strength they didn’t even know existed. By this, students learn the true meaning of working without complaints.

“The team is made up of some of the hardest working individuals I have ever met,” Underwood said. “I am unbelievably proud to be part of their team.”


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