Donating For Cause

Students give blood for a number of reasons including to get a free T-shirt or to get out of class. Some students donate for the pure thrill of saving lives.

One of these generous students is Junior Caitlyn Halcomb.  Halcomb and other kindhearted students gave their blood to the Carter Blood Center on Nov. 11.

“I believe students donate to see what it’s like,” Halcomb said. “And to do it for a great cause of helping others.”

The process for giving blood can be a very tedious experience. The line is long, the preparation process is never ending, and legs anxiously shake as students wait for their name to be called into the back room. But as one walks out of the room with a blue bandage around the arm, a feeling of  comfort washes over the body knowing that a person’s life has been saved.

“I got called into a chair and confirmed my name,” Halcomb said. “[Then the workers] began to look for veins in my left arm. After marking the spot they cleaned it off and tightened up my arm; they then put the needle in my arm and I began to give blood.”

Although this was her third time to donate, Halcomb was still a little sensitive towards being pricked by a needle.

“Donating makes me feel good about myself since I can help others,” Halcomb said. “All of the workers were very helpful and polite.  I was in and out very quickly.”

The next blood drive will be held on Jan. 27 in the Joshua Public Library