Old Owls Fly Their Own Paths

Their eyes are mesmerized by the blue caps that fill the sky. Four years worth of memories flash through their minds in what seems like the blink of an eye. They know that in a few hours, the faces they see every day will soon go their own ways to begin a new chapter in their lives. The class of 2015 will always remain a part of each others’ hearts as they fulfill their own dreams each individual worked to be able to achieve.

“Graduation was a bittersweet moment,” class of 2015 senior Kali Westfall said. “All your friends go their own way and go to school to make their dreams come true, but we’ll never forget [our] high school that made our friendships grow stronger.”

Most of last year’s senior class miss the memories in high school but are excited about beginning their careers and enjoying life in college. Class of 2015 graduate Taylor Chambliss says she looks forward to waking up every day to attend the school she has always dreamed of, Wade College, to study fashion design. She plans to earn her Bachelor’s degree and design dresses for others to wear on the red carpet.

“I love college so much,” Chambliss said. “Teachers are way different compared to high school. I could go grab a coffee with my professors and it not be a big deal. They are so laid back and [relaxed].”

As students adjust to no longer attending high school, some are still trying to figure out what path they want to follow, while others already have their plans and stay busy almost 24/7. Between work and school, it is difficult to set a lunch date, shop, or do other activities to spend time with old friends. However, when there is time, it is cherished.

“When you have those lucky days that you get off [of work] and you finally get to catch up with your friends, it’s like you never stopped hanging out,” Westfall said.

Another unique, bright student who graduated last year is now accomplishing goals she never thought she was able to do. When asked if there is anything she regrets not doing in high school, Margarita Castillo’s answer was that she did not fully believe in herself. However, she has realized how much potential she has and is carrying out her original high school plan which is to be the best she can be.

“This includes finding more about myself, who I want to become, and what positive contributions I can put out into the world,” Castillo said. “With faith, passion, patience, and determination, anything can be accomplished.”

Leaving high school and being fully exposed to the real world can be a life-changing experience as teenagers transform into adults and develop their independence.

“I pay for basically all my own necessities now,” 2015 graduate Brendon Rodriguez said. “So I’ve grown up and had to learn how to save money and not spend it quickly.”

As each class walks across the stage, proudly grasping their diplomas, their marks will forever last in their halls, classrooms, and throughout the school. Current students should take advantage of this and leave as many positive impacts as they can for others to remember and succeeding students to follow.

“Don’t take any moment you have for granted,” Rodriguez said. “Live it all out in the most memorable way possible because, before you know it, it’s all gone.”