A Formal Visit

Instead of the usual note taking and daily lecture on Thursday, April 9, government/economics teacher Karen Yancy invited U.S. Congressman Roger Williams to teach her 2nd and 3rd period classes. Students were attentive and prepared, asking questions – one after another.

Williams, who represents the 25th District of Texas, attended Texas Christian University from 1968 to 1971. He happened to be near Joshua and thus visited the high school. Williams spoke to the class on the steps he took to get to where his is today. Although his discussion lasted for an hour, he answered a variety of questions ranging from immigration policies to government interference in personal aspects. Williams did not come alone; alongside of him stood his administrators.

Because time was limited, Williams could not stay long as the class had wanted to.

“Unfortunately, time constraints prevented Representative Williams from answering all of the questions submitted,” Yancy said.

Students represented the Home of the Lady Owls fairly well, surprising the congressman with reflective questions.

“The students appreciated Representative Williams taking the time to come and speak to them,” Yancy said. “A wide range of questions about current issues were asked.”